Knowing when to stop

The next game on the tabletop after Prelude to Disaster, was St Lo. This is another older game (1986), being a Joseph M. Balkoski design, produced by West End Games.

Topic and treatment

This is about the July 1944 push by USA forces to capture the strategically significant town of St Lo in France. It has one standard sized map, a rulebook, 400 counters, a counter tray, and several play aids to store unit information.

Units are battalions and companies, with divisional assets available to beef them up. Each hex is 306 yards across, and each complete turn is a day.

There is one scenario (only), running to eight turns. In my experience, turns can take anywhere between five minutes and two hours, and that is after you know the rules and have tried out a few of the opening moves to get a feel for the synergy between theory and practice. Continue reading