Should Zoabi be silenced?

Whether we like it or not, Hanin Zoabi is an elected representative, a member of the Knesset. So long as she doesn’t break the law, she is entitled to participate in the democratic process. Even if she calls Israeli soldiers “murderers.”¬†Unlike some, I don’t see incitement in those words.

But, if anyone thought she was a serious politician, with a shred of honesty or integrity, that was rather blown away by her silence in the aftermath of the brutal murder of Hallel Yaffa in Kiryat Arba. For if anyone truly deserved to be branded a murderer, it was Hallel Yaffa’s killer. Zoabi’s silence (somewhat ironically) marks her true character as a hypocritical grandstander, with evil in her heart. Perhaps the question should not be whether Zoabi should be silenced, but whether Zoabi is a true representative? Is hers a constituency with murder in their hearts? What are the prospects for true peace in such circumstances?

In a class of her own

On the other side of the wall, far, far, away on the fringes, I give you MK Hanin Zoabi of the Joint (Arab) List party, as summarized by the Times of Israel:

Classy. Click the graphic to see the TOI article.

Classy. Click the graphic to see the TOI article.

It’s not a pretty read. She very definitely falls into the haters club, in the majority “It’s all Israel’s fault” section of that club’s membership. Hers is the type of leadership that is unlikely to achieve anything positive for the Palestinian people. But it does not seem that is a concern for her and her supporters.