Turkey’s not ready

From the Jerusalem Post:

ANKARA/ISTANBUL – Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan declared victory in local polls that had become a referendum on his rule and said he would “enter the lair” of enemies who have accused him of corruption and leaked state secrets.

“They will pay for this,” he said.

It doesn’t sound like Mr Erdogan has quite grasped some of the essentials of modern democracy, like separation of the state and the judiciary. And the responsibility of the elected party for all constituents, not just their supporters. It doesn’t sound like Turkey deserves to be called a modern democracy.

This Turkey is not ready.

Rock the nakba

The whole editorial in today’s Jerusalem Post, about the ‘Nakba Day’ memorial event held at Tel Aviv University,is well worth reading, but I want to highlight the concluding paragraphs as more than just food for thought:

As for the participants in the Nakba Day commemorations, would it be too much to ask that along with the mourning over the “catastrophe”, they recognize some of the good as well?

If the Palestinians had succeeded in snuffing out Israel at its very inception there would almost certainly not be an institute of higher learning like Tel Aviv University – not just in Israel but in the entire region – that accepts all students regardless of race, religion or gender and fosters an atmosphere of free expression. Just something to ponder on Nakba Day.

For the sake of completeness, I also want to remind you about the furore over the Nakba Law, passed in March 2011. At the time there were allegations of it removing Israel’s democratic standing, and being a bar on freedom of expression. Those objections were utter garbage, and those who made them should have the balls to stand up and admit it. The law, simply, prevents Israel funding activities which are anti-Israel. And as the Tel Aviv University event shows, if people want to put on anti-Israel events, they are free to do so – just at their own expense. That, I submit, is exactly right. (No pun intended.)