Count the money!


This week, Susan and I were joined by Azriel, Nechamiah, Peleg, and newcomer Yair.

Yair was a latecomer (by arrangement) so the first five of us settled down for a quick game of Ticket to Ride: Europe. Peleg won this, but it was a close, close game, with everyone within one or two scores of one another. Great stuff.

Yair joined us, Susan departed, and we tackled Acquire. Peleg and I had played it before, so I explained the rules and off we went. It didn’t take long for players to understand what was going on, though by then most had lost track of who bought what shares.

I had a reasonable idea that I was doing well, especially when I secured the biggest shareholding in the biggest chain. When it came to the final counting of the cash, Nechamiah was closest. Then he recounted and discovered he had more money, so he was the winner. (Yes, I recounted my own money too, but my pile did not grow!)

We finished with a session of Codenames that we called after one round apiece to the respective teams.

Thanks to all who came for another good night of gaming.


Secret Service Agents!

This week’s session started off with Azriel, Nechamiah, Rosalynn, and Sheer joining me. While Peleg fought the Tel Aviv traffic, I introduced everyone to the excellent filler game Coloretto. It’s a light game with more luck than skill, though that should not take anything away from Nechamiah’s fine win.

With Peleg finally in the house, we played 7 Wonders with the Leaders expansion. It took a while to set up while everyone tried to get familiar with the new cards and options. Rosalynn went for a military strategy, but her neighbor Peleg had a nasty power that made him immune from the worst effects of that. Sheer’s was a science strategy, as he tried to gobble up the decent green cards. I went for blue cards, having snagged a leader that reduced their building cost. Nechamiah and Azriel seemed to be trying to spread their scoring options.

About halfway through, Rosalynn expressed some frustration with her progress, claiming not to understand what was going on. With a very short timeout for a fresh explanation, she returned to the fray as play resumed. Then, surprise, surprise, when it came to totaling the victory points, Rosalynn was the winner! That military strategy had been put to good use. However, it was a dandy set of guild cards that gave her a hefty contribution to her winning score. She got those combinations just right. Peleg and I were in the bottom end of the scoring, with Azriel, Nechamiah, and Sheer just a little bit behind Rosalynn. Well done, Rosalynn!

There was time left for a team game: Codenames. We split into two teams of three, and had a three round run at this fun word game. It has a simple, but brilliant, core mechanism, tacked on to a theme of trying to identify secret agents from a pool of agents, civilians, and a deadly assassin. A great way to finish the night.

Thanks to all who came to help make the night such fun.