Dark Matter – Blake Crouch

This book begins like many contemporary thrillers with an ordinary guy going about his routine, until something out of the ordinary happens. For Jason Dessen, the unusual event is that he is kidnapped. And, when he wakes up from being knocked out, things are not what they were, to put it mildly.

At this point, the thriller becomes stranger and stranger. I don’t want to say more as it would spoil your enjoyment. If you are an open minded reader who likes their fiction with a touch of the bizarre spicing up some interesting ideas and classical morale challenges, this is for you. It’s an adventure with brains. If you read it, you may never look at the world around you in the same way.

Pines – Blake Crouch


Ethan Burke wakes up after a bad accident. He is a secret service agent on a mission to find other missing agents, but now he is in hospital, with no papers, money, or phone, and cannot seem to get through to the outside world. What is going on?

This was a strange book to read, but it eventually caught fire about a quarter of the way through, as the mystery began to be unveiled. It was a well told tale once it got going, and even managed a bit of a twist in the end. The setting is king, and it is well done. The characters are a bit thin, but acceptable. I do not want to say more for fear of spoiling the fun, but would recommend it.

What really puzzled me was that this is apparently the first of a trilogy. I couldn’t see where the other books would go, now that I know the underlying secret. However, I may be tempted to find these other parts.

This was made into a TV show, I am told. No idea what it is like. I would suggest you read the book before you go anywhere near the show.