Shabbat Gaming

The perfect antidote to a three day chag, is a spot of gaming.

We started with Ticket to Ride: Marklin Edition, where Peleg trounced us all – but especially last placed me – with a 100+ points in completed tickets.

We then had games of Battleline, Carcassonne, and Dominion: Intrigue on the go at the same time.

Lori and Peleg were all even after two games of Battleline. Susan won the Dominion game against Chaim and Laurie. And Yehuda won a couple of Carcassonne games against Michal and me

And after all that, we had a nice seudah. Great stuff.

Shavuah Tov!

Long route home


This week’s session started with Amir, Susan and I playing Dominion, while Ben and David warmed up with Battle Line.

Susan has been unbeatable at Dominion, and her winning streak continued in this game. All Amir and I could do was watch… Meantime, David won at Battle Line.

Laurie joined us, Susan dropped out, and we turned to 7 Wonders. Last time out, newcomer Amir won a novice victory. This time, unfortunately, it was not to be.  Ben, David and I were outclassed by Laurie who won by a big margin with a blue (victory card) strategy, backed up by a couple of great Guild cards.

Amir left us to get ready for his early start, leaving Ben, David, Laurie and myself to enjoy a cracking game of Ticket to Ride: Europe.

David insisted on drawing cards blind. He kept picking up locomotives (wild cards). He was so successful at doing this, at one point he held a near monopoly and severely curtailed the other players’ building efforts.

David also said he was doing this to mimic my strategy, as seen in previous games. Well, I can only say that my strategy did not include picking up so many flipping locomotives. At least, I was never that successful!

Ben was quietly sticking to the task at hand. He didn’t know it, but some of his route building made things trickier for me in the bid to build the routes I wanted.

Twice in succession – for the 8 and 6 train routes – I decided not to build routes, but get some spare cards in case the tunnel draw went against me. And on each occasion, Laurie seized the day and grabbed the damn thing ahead of me.

So, Laurie was doing well, and I was falling behind. However, when the end of the game arrived and we totted up everything, Ben had won a fine victory. It was a very tight game. Ben won the longest route bonus by only a whisker. If anyone else had claimed that bonus, they would have won instead of Ben. David’s decision to take an extra ticket almost gave him the win. Again, he just missed out on the longest train bonus. Laurie had been stymied by a shortage of locomotives (ahem) and yellow cards.

It was a good win, and a great contest. Well done Ben!

Thanks to everyone for coming. As usual, I was buzzing at the end and struggled to get to sleep. If only I had played…

To your stations


This week’s gaming session started with Dominion (Amir, David, Susan and I) and Battle Line (Laurie & Rochelle). I don’t know who won the Battle Line, but Susan – again – reigned supreme in Dominion.

Then all six of us played 7 Wonders. Amir was the only one who had not played it before. Did he pick it up quickly? Well, in a sort of tradition, he became another first time player that won. Impressive. Rochelle had probably been in the best position to break the tradition, but was one card away at the end. Laurie and Susan did OK. I was well in last place. What about David?

Ben arrived too late to join in the next game, so David showed off his multi-tasking skills by playing 7 Wonders and Battle Line (with Ben) at the same time. He also came quite close in 7 Wonders, so maybe he regrets playing two at the same time.

Susan and Amir dropped out then, one to take up knitting, the other to get to bed in preparation for an early start the next day…

The remaining 5 of us played Ticket to Ride (Europe). Rochelle easily scored the most tickets, but not enough points. I regret to report that I won this.

Thanks to all for coming. A great night. I just need to figure out a way to beat Susan at Dominion!

Battle Line


After the first night meal of Sukkot, Peleg and I were persuaded by Susan (she had to try so hard!) to give her peace in the kitchen by playing a game. In the time available, Battle Line (by Reiner Knizia and published by GMT) was a perfect fit.

This is one of my top two player games. It’s a good combination of luck, skill, and judgement, playable inside half an hour, and open to different strategies.

Essentially, you are competing to win the majority of 9 flags – or three in a row – using combinations of cards. You start with 7 cards, and must play and replace one card per turn. There is a separate deck of special power cards, but you can only ever play one more than your opponent, so they tend not to dominate the game.

Peleg was on fire in our game, and although I was winning by 4 flags to 3, he managed to get exactly what he needed to claim the winning 3 in a row. Well done, Peleg. But come the next game…