Losing your way

[Also posted at the Raanana Boardgames Group Site.]

We had eight at this week’s session. One foolhardy group of four – Abraham, Laurie, Ofer, and Yehuda – played the Martin Wallace game Automobile. I was in the other group, so all I can report is: (a) Abraham won; (b) it took a long time; (c) the players seemed to prefer (two of Martin’s other designs) Steam and Age of Industry; but (d) Laurie liked it.

Meantime – in the same time it took for one game of Automobile – Peleg, Rochelle, Susan and I played Ticket to Ride Marklin Edition, Pueblo and Dominion. Peleg was the runaway winner of the railway game. I won Pueblo, and Susan won Dominion by one point from Rochelle (who was playing this for the first time.) Pueblo was the least popular game of the three, though that doesn’t make it a bad game. Certainly, everyone seemed to have a good time, and we are building up useful playing experience of some games that will probably keep appearing on the games table for a wee while yet.