By the edge of the lake

This week, we started with a warm-up of 6-Nimmt (in the guise of The Walking Dead remake) as Sheer was stuck in Tel Aviv traffic. Joining me were Amiram, John, Nadine, Peleg, and Yehuda.

Yehuda doesn’t like the game, and played in a rather distracted fashion. Nadine, being much more polite, tried it out with an open mind, and did will enough to win! Amiram was second, just ahead of me. Well done, Nadine and Amiram!

Next up, with Sheer’s arrival, we split into two groups.

Amiram, John, Peleg and Sheer played Five Tribes. Beyond knowing that Sheer won, I have no information. Hopefully one of the players will contribute a short report.

Yehuda and I introduced Nadine to Suburbia. We did it so well, she won! Admittedly, she was helped by some luck in the building availability suiting her strategy, and good advice from the other players. OK, good advice from one of the players. OK, good advice from Yehuda!

Basically, Nadine grabbed the Waterfront Realty building which gave her a lot of cash, and she leveraged that into buying a couple of key combinations that generated more cash and reputation. And, fortunately for Nadine, the approach fitted the public goals and her own goal.

Yehuda, strangely for him, never got going. (This may have been because he still hadn’t recovered from the hiding he got in 6-Nimmt…) Anyway, his purchases never seemed to combine well, and he was constantly chasing the game.

I had a green building strategy, but while it was good enough to get me second place, was never really good enough to mount a threat to Nadine. I could complain about the available tiles, but in truth Nadine just played better. Well done Nadine! (Again!)

Thanks to all who came – especially our Jerusalem visitors – for making it a great games night.


Tales from the trip – gaming

A highlight of the trip to Glasgow was the games night arranged by Steven. Ian was the generous host, and we were joined by Marcus (my driver for the night!), Martin, Gordon (of the famous Lamont brothers and Fragor Games), and Brian (of the famous Stern brothers).

Brian gets warmed up for some serious gaming

Brian gets warmed up for some serious gaming

First up was a full, seven-man game of 7 Wonders. My neighbors were Ian and Marcus. Ian tried a broad strategy, probably enforced because of the dud cards I kept passing him. Marcus went for simple Victory Point (blue) cards.


My aim was to build sets of Science (green) cards. Martin competed for a while for the Science cards, but luck was on my side. Gordon made a wee mistake, probably because he was so busy discussing matters of great import with Brian, and that 16 point (?) loss doomed his efforts. Brian made no mistakes. Unfortunately for him, neither did he get much right by way of cards, so his bid for the top floundered. In the end, Marcus claimed the win by a couple of points from me. It was a tight, fun-filled game.

"Just do what I recommend, and you'll be fine..."

“Just do what I recommend, and you’ll be fine…”

Second, Gordon introduced us to the joys of Avalon. This is a deduction game with two sides competing for the win. Bluff and counter bluff. I think we played several rounds of this and everybody won at least once. Well, that’s my story, and I am sticking to it. This, by the way, was so good I tried to get hold of a copy while in Glasgow. I failed but did manage to acquire its predecessor, The Resistance.


Then the classic 6 Nimmt. Classic? Well, Brian made the classic mistake of picking up his penalty cards and trying to use them, Martin made the classic mistake of assuming everyone would play the most logical card play each turn, Ian made the classic mistake of trying to be a good host and did not concentrate on his play, Gordon made the classic mistake of being dealt bad cards, Steven made the classic mistake of not making any mistakes, and I made the classic mistake of winning the first round. And so, Marcus claimed his second win of the night.  Great stuff.

Surprise, surprise!

Surprise, surprise!

We finished with Liars Dice. Martin played this brilliantly, seeing off all challengers and claiming the win. I am bound to point out that Marcus and I are crap at lying games…


I miss my gaming pals. They gave me a great night of entertainment, for which I thank them all. I can only hope to see more of them in Israel sooner rather than later. Because we do have good fun here as well, you know!