Goodbye 2017

Goodbye 2017. You are almost gone, and it’s time to say farewell. You have been a good year, and you’ll be missed.

Welcome 2018. May you be a year of health, happiness, and prosperity. And especially, a year of peace for all.

Happy New Year!


Goodbye HPE

For the best part of the last six years, I have worked at HPE Software in Yehud. Last month I was made redundant. While my official last day as an HPE employee is tomorrow, today was my last day in the office. I cleared out my cube yesterday. Today I took part in what I would describe as a Treasure Hunt in reverse: to be officially signed out of work, with nothing left outstanding, I needed to return all my kit and have the various recipients (for my laptop, docking station, headphones, screens, desk phone, lunch card, and HPE security pass) sign a special form. That involved a trip around several locations and a bit of schlepping, but eventually it was all done. I exchanged the signed form for what I see as my release papers. Continue reading


On being laid off


This last week I received official notice of my redundancy – Work Force Reduction as it is internally labeled. It wasn’t a surprise because me and my colleagues – around 200 are affected – had been given advance verbal notice a couple of weeks ago. Since then, as the powers to be have decided to kill our product, people have been polishing their CVs and their LinkedIn profiles. And the atmosphere in the office has been dreadful; like those awful moments when you gather for a funeral, before the body is committed to the grave. The difference is that some of the ‘mourners’ are secretly happy, because they have kept their job.

Financially, I will receive an enhanced package. That aspect cannot be faulted. But, regrettably, I wouldn’t give very senior management anywhere near pass marks for the way they have otherwise handled the situation. I’ll say no more than that.

So, with my updated CV and LinkedIn profile, I have been (and am) on the hunt for a new job. (My last day of work at the current place is to be the end of January 2017.) Fortunately, the world of Israeli high-tech is busy at this time, and there are lots of jobs out there in general. I am reasonably confident that with my skills and experience I will secure new employment. I don’t think I’m worried about that, but I could do without the aggravation, the balagan, and the uncertainty.

I do hope everyone else gets fixed up. I have had the privilege to work with some amazing, talented people. Every organization has its plonkers, but there were not too many of them. Instead, the quality of some of these men and women was very impressive. If there’s any justice out there, they’ll go on to great things.

The situation for me is bit like it was after I made aliyah, and was networking and looking for work. I have more free time than usual, but am unsure how long it will last. I have learned from that experience, and this time around am going to make good use of it. The cliche every cloud has a silver lining is spot on. On the other hand, I’m not looking forward to clearing out my cube. It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in just shy of six years. It’s probably time to ditch the reference books.

I can now add being made redundant to my life’s experiences. Regardless, I have been lucky to date, and am ever hopeful that as one door closes another opens.



Break over

OK. That was the break that was. Time to return to blogging. It’s not that I feel, at this particular moment, I have so much I need to say. (Give me a platform, and I’ll put the world to rights with just one speech? I don’t think so.) It just feels right. But let’s be careful out there, for it can be a dark, dark, world.


Break time

I am taking a break from blogging. I hope to get back to posting here sometime before the end of the month.

Be well, one and all.


Goodbye Rita

Susan’s mum died last night (Monday). She will be sorely missed.

I won’t be blogging for a few days.


24 Elul 5775

I have Yahrzeit starting tonight for my mum. I don’t think I have ever blogged about it before, and am not sure why. (Plenty of material for analysis there, methinks.) But, whatever the reason, I wanted to mark this one. To put it shortly, although it happened a long time ago, it still hurts.


Last throw of the dice

For me, it’s the last blog post about the 2015 election – after this, posts will be about the election result. (Scary, man.)

However, there’s just time to follow up the Ynet post (here) with a look at the opposing press faction, the resolutely pro-Bibi Israel HaYom.

Frankly, I’m underwhelmed by today’s front cover. Maybe there will be a real attempt to motivate voters tomorrow. But this is almost neutral, and quite pedestrian:


The translation of the main headline is:

Right – or left

Not exactly stirring stuff.

And while I am here, note Israel HaYom‘s electoral coverage banner, and how it relates to the Ynet version (seen in this post):


You can click the picture to see a larger version.

Interesting approach.


Life as a lawyer can suck

Every year, Roll on Friday does a sort of alternative Firm of the Year competition for the legal profession. It’s primarily different because they ask the people who work inside the firms to rate them. Of course it’s anonymous…

However, despite its unscientific nature, there are certain recurrent themes at certain firms. After leaving the profession, based on what I knew then, when I read the ratings and the comments, they were not out of place. They may have been embarrassing for the firm management. (Or not, since some law management teams were (and are) arrogant beyond belief.) And there seems little doubt that the regularly under performing  firms have sometimes made an effort to put things right.

So, while it is no surprise that behind the flashy front office, life as a lawyer can suck, take a little time out to look at some of the comments from this year, here.

Here’s a taster:

Motivational Speaking Award

“The partner who likes to give tours of the building, pointing out non-lawyers to their guests and calling them ‘the overheads who don’t make us any money’ won’t be winning any prizes for motivational speaking.” Nabarro

The really funny aspect? To this ex-lawyer, it sounds exactly like the thing a numpty of a lawyer would say. And not in jest.

The next time you meet a lawyer, you may see him or her a little differently.


Cereal offender

One morning this week, I had to drop my car off at the garage for a service. I walked home.

It was still before 8.00 AM, so the school traffic – vehicular and pedestrian – had not yet cleared.

As I passed by a local school, I saw one young girl walking towards me. She was wrapped up against the cold – as she felt it! – and making steady strides despite the ominously large backpack she was carrying.

Even more impressive, was that she was making her way while eating her breakfast cereal.

No, not out of a packet.

No, not out of a bottle.

Out of a bowl.

She was playing the perfect part of a pedestrian, while spooning out her breakfast cereal, and eating it on the go. And nary a drop was being spilled.

I’m not sure if it is appropriate to criticize her for being late, or commend her for her practical approach – and skill. But at least I now understand why the kids need to have such big schoolbags; it’s for their school stuff, and their breakfast bowl and spoon! Come to think of it, maybe there was a big box of Rice Krispies in her schoolbag…