In UNRWA schools they can count: 1, 2, 3…

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The Elder of Ziyon skewers Chris Gunness.

Gunness deserves it, and much more.

For example, see here for the background to this:

If UNRWA had a shred of integrity, it would fire Gunness for his obvious bias and hate towards Israel. However, an organization that is built on lies – to support a group or “refugees” who are 99% non-refugees – is not bothered at all.

As another example, see here for the background to this:

Chris Gunness from UNRWA responds with his usual hand waving, hoping that people don’t notice that he is not addressing the real issues. For example, while it is true that UNRWA might vet employees for known terror ties, this by no means proves that UNRWA schools are neutral and do not teach hate for Israel. I have proven that they, in fact, do, along with support for jihad and “martyrdom.”

As the Elder has long ago stated, it is time to abolish UNRWA.

More parking masterclass – orthodox edition

Ra’anana, 29 July 2014.

Car, abandoned. Driver, a bandit.

Car, abandoned. Driver, a bandit.

Yes, that’s the pavement he has partly parked on. Yes, that’s the road he’s partly sticking out into. Yes, that’s the driver to the right. He noticed me taking a picture of his car.

You would have been very proud of me. I berated him entirely in Hebrew. Not a single Anglo-Saxon expletive left my lips.

It was, indeed, a parking masterclass. Pedestrians? Sod them? Zebra crossing? What’s that?  What a fine example this apparently orthodox chappie set. Doesn’t he look so proud of his work? What an utter…

Comment is free – and so is the bias

Here’s something that is truly disproportionate. The Guardian‘s recent Comment is Free articles include:

  • When I served, the Israeli military was the most moral in the world. No more. [28 July 2014 - Yuli Novak of Breaking the Silence]

  • As the Gaza crisis deepens, boycotts can raise the price of Israel’s impunity [28 July 2014 - Rafeef Ziadah of War on Want]

  • Israel’s argument for war against Palestine ignores the context [26 July 2014 - Dahlia Scheindlin of +972 magazine]

At least they don’t hide their bias.

Road safety contributions

This morning’s contribution to road safety on the roads of Israel? A coffee drinking driver cruising in the outside lane of Road Four. (The coffee looked hot.)

To balance this, I also saw a cyclist with helmet, front and back working lights, and bright clothing.

So, not all bad.

Even more JK stay away!

Times of Israel has some more quotes from Haaertz about John Kerry:



  • This is from the left of the political spectrum
  • Kerry’s has been an embarrassing performance
  • There has been “apparent” dishonesty
  • He offered Hamas everything they could have hoped for
  • His proposal puts a death warrant on Abbas (I wonder if Abbas realizes this)
  • His proposal thwarts the possibility of reaching a cease fire
  • Ya’alon was possibly right about Kerry

The only part I disagree with is the description of Kerry as a friend of Israel. No friend behaves like he has. No wonder American foreign policy is rubbish.

Soon you can safely saddle up

Good news on the ebike front, as set out by the Jerusalem Post:

Regulations for electric bicycles to take effect September 1

Electric bikes will be permitted a maximum power level of 250 watts and travel speed not exceeding 25 kph, the transportation ministry says.

Riding electric bicycles – which have become a familiar sight on streets and train carriages – is scheduled to finally become legal on September 1, when regulations approved in the Knesset on Monday take effect.

The Knesset Economic Affairs Committee and Transportation Minister Israel Katz approved a series of rules that aim to standardize and secure what has become an increasingly popular transportation mode. Under the regulations, electric bikes will be permitted a maximum power level of 250 watts and travel speed not exceeding 25 kph, the Transportation Ministry said.

In accordance with European standards, electric motors must stop operating when the bikes’ speed surpass the 25 kph limit, the ministry added.

For background reading, see here.

This bit in the latest report made me laugh:

The regulations will also require the installation of a horn or bell, lights and reflectors, and riders will have to be over the age of 14.

Helmets are required for riders of all ages. The bikes must carry the officially notated and visible words “bicycle with motor assistance,” the ministry said.

Yeah, right…

Unsurprisingly, there’s no mention of mandatory insurance for ebike riders. So the situation is improved, but still needs attention.