Jihad in Jerusalem

“The best way to prevent another intifada is to reassure Israel that the U.S. supports its self-defense, while warning Palestinians that they will never have a homeland as long as they cultivate a society that celebrates murdering the innocent in the name of religion.”

Blue moon time, as this is from the Wall Street Journal.

[First noted at Elder of Ziyon.]

Palestinian society and the ever present poison

From Elder of Ziyon:

Arabs upset at Abbas for his “condemnation” of terror attack

More and more Palestinian Arabs are angry at Mahmoud Abbas for his supposedly pro-Israel actions, including his “condemnation” of the terror attack in the Har Nof synagogue.

A Facebook group called “Abbas does not represent me” has over 140,000 “Likes” so far. It includes this poster showing Abbas as an IDF soldier:

abbas idf

More here.

This is the reality of Palestinian society: a poisonous well of hate.

For the avoidance of doubt, let it be clearly said that there are those in Israeli society who hate Arabs. But – and it is the big but that defines a stable, compassionate society – such hate is condemned, marginalized and not seen as a fit and proper part of Israeli society.

We are working towards minimizing the hate and the hateful in our midst. We despise incitement. We are striving for peace and toward breaking down barriers.

Palestinian society is working towards maximizing the hate and hateful in their society. Palestinian society glorifies incitement. Palestinian society is striving for war and towards breaking down the barriers that protect Israelis.

That is the reality. In the end, it truly does appear to be all about one thing: Jew hatred. And as I and many others have posted countless time before, until this stops, the prospects for a meaningful peace are a big fat zero.

Five for Friday

It’s back – the weekend is here. (Even if I did turn on my work laptop for a teensy weensy bit this morning.) No time for idle chat (and definitely not for idol chat) so I will love you, leave you, and link you. Here they are:

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Behind the curtain

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon in The Hague (dealing with the assassination of Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri) has been going on in the background, largely ignored.

The Jerusalem Post has an interim report as to evidence from Marwan Hamade in the case about Syria’s interference in Lebanon’s affairs, to the extent of barring it from making (or talking) peace with Israel.

Hamade is described as “a Lebanese parliament member, former minister, and close ally of assassinated Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri…”

To amplify the point about Syrian interference in Lebanon’s affairs, especially with Israel, Hamade had other things to say:

Related to his statements about Israel, Hamade said that while Hariri and his block wished to normalize and demilitarize Lebanon after Israel’s 2000 withdrawal from southern Lebanon, Hezbollah and Syria wanted the opposite.

He said that Hezbollah did not accept Israel’s withdrawal and claimed a small portion of land called the Shebaa farms was still occupied.

He added that Syria also made some indications that the “Shebaa farms is Lebanese territory,” but that both claims were merely “to give Hezbollah an argument for keeping up armed resistance.”

However, Hamade said that when some in Lebanon asked Syria to give a formal statement to the UN that it renounced its well-known claims to the Shebaa farms as Syrian territory, Syria declined.

This, said Hamade, proved his point that Syria actually still claimed Shebaa farms for itself, but made enough indirect support for Hezbollah’s claims on the land to help Hezbollah keep its arms.

In short: the Syrians lied. You can read the whole Post piece, here.

The whole picture emerging is confirmation of what most observers thought what was going on behind the Assad curtain.

I don’t see anybody predicting surprise disclosures coming from the Special Tribunal, but I am intrigued as to what the consequences might be. It remains one of the (few) positive developments to put a brake on, or shine a light on, Syria’s nefarious activities that stretch back long before the current civil war. A war, let’s not forget, where the bloodletting and indiscriminate killing has been treated as if it is some kind of provincial bull fight that got out of control, but can be ignored. Efforts to deal with the situation are not efforts; they are tokenism on the international scale. I don’t suggest there are easy solutions lying around to pick up, but refuse to accept it is beyond the capacity of a willing world to do something better. So the conclusion I reach is that the world is not willing.

A slip of the blame

Credit to the Guardian for establishing a live report on this morning’s terror attack. Unfortunately, it was blighted momentarily by this:


They got the headline wrong. It has since been corrected.

Inevitably, Hamas have praised the attack. They claim it is in retaliation for the lynching of an Arab bus driver earlier in the week. The police say the bus driver’s death was suicide. I do not know any reason to doubt the police. However, for the avoidance of doubt, if it were a lynching, that would be a despicable crime and the perpetrators should be hunted down and subject to the full force of the law. But even if it were a lynching, in no way, shape or form does that justify or excuse this morning’s attack.

There will be plenty of blame to go around. If the media – and western politicians – were being honest, they would own up to the root cause being incitement. Incitement by Hamas, but also by Abbas and Fatah. Incitement that has almost entirely been ignored. Kerry’s condemnation is to be welcomed, but it’s late; very late.

It would be good if this were the last such attack. I’m praying that this is the case, and for a full and speedy recovery for the surviving victims.


In January, the American Studies Association (ASA) took a vote to boycott Israel. That’s the high water mark of the BDS achievement there. (Only 16% of the ASA membership voted.) And since then, the ASA has had a bit of a hard time:

  • No American Studies department in the USA has implemented the boycott.
  • The ASA’s branches in California and Northeast joined 250 college Presidents and the largest USA academic organizations in condemnation of the boycott.
  • They had to backpedal furiously when it transpired that implementing the boycott at their conference gathering might contravene civil rights laws.

And then, to quote John Haber at divestthis.com:

“With that spotlight upon them (not to mention scrutiny of whatever press they could not freeze out of their event), we saw the final unraveling of the policy as ASA’s leadership (which clung to the notion that the boycott was in effect if Israelis who attended their conference did not do so as representatives of their institutions) had to swallow hard as the remaining shred of their boycott was mocked as it went unenforced.”

Jon has now followed up the ASA tale with an open challenge. This is the background:

“With the ASA’s squalid little policy reduced to a mass of contradictions the organization was too incompetent to untangle, it was just a matter of time before the leaders of that organization took to the airwaves to try to regain the initiative. And what better way to do so than to roll out the old “death threat” trope which claims that critics of the boycotters are so hysterical (and potentially dangerous) that they have been showering the organization with calls for blood.”

I don’t know any right minded person who would accept that it was legitimate to issue a death threat against someone, no matter the extreme nature of their political action, hate, or bigotry. But it wouldn’t have surprised me if such things happened, based primarily on the activities of online commenters. People lose the rag. They hide behind pseudonyms, remain anonymous, and hate.

So, this part from divestthis.com was especially interesting, recounting earlier accusations of death threats at the time of the Olympia co-operative BDS attempt:

“It was only when they were pressed to explain how opponents of the boycott even knew where to send these supposed hundreds (if not thousands) of threats or asked what steps the boycotters took with local law enforcement to deal with what was supposedly a life-threatening emergency that the those hurling “death threat” accusations actually went underground (avoiding any request for evidence of their claims).”

So, ASA’s president Lisa Duggan, has now got this to chew over:

“Given that no security measures were taken during the ASA conference itself (as opposed to cops I had to hire when the new Israeli Consul visited my temple earlier this year to support his own security staff), I’m going to go with option (2) and say that Lisa Duggan’s claims to face threat to life and limb for her courageous stance is just one more clumsy attempt to throw her political opponents off balance and disguise the abject cowardice of everything and everyone involved with the ASA’s boycott.”

Let’s see what happens.

You can read the relevant divestthis.com post, here.

[Separately, it appears BDS has had some impact on ZIM’s operations in California. Expect further developments there, too.]

Jack does not like Jon

Jack Engelhard, author of Indecent Proposal, writes at Arutz Sheva about Jon Stewart‘s recent anti-Israel and anti-Jewish comments (see here and here):

“So this keeps coming up, about your hostility towards Israel and complaints that you are a self-hating Jew…and now where are all the writers you depend on for your material? I ask because to be quite honest something terrible happens when you stop being funny.

You become just another hotheaded jerk. Who knew you had such a large chip on your shoulder?

Jack does not like Jon. Read it all, here.

Hamas! Hamas! A barrel full of laughs!

Ahmed Yousef is senior political adviser to the former Hamas prime minister of Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh. I tend to agree with the Elder of Ziyon that he doubles up as a comedy writer. You don’t believe me? Try this:

Hamas is a Palestinian liberation movement that uses traditional Islamic teaching as its point of reference. Israeli media and many of the western channels that mimic it have far too easily succumbed to the Israeli establishment’s propaganda that the group is akin to al-Qaida and/or a front for Iran and/or a combination thereof. Were pundits to truly scrutinise Hamas’s actions since its inception, they would find not a single official statement or position that is based on denigrating another faith, certainly neither Judaism nor Christianity. Nor can anyone produce a shred of evidence that Hamas formally encourages prejudice against anyone’s ethnicity. And the group has been far more conscious of avoiding civilian casualties than the Israelis. We in Gaza are witnesses to the deaths of scores of our children, while Israeli television has largely been able to parade only the coffins of soldiers.

I must be imagining things. Like when they said “Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah.”

Like when they said:

“Whoever is killed by a Jew receives the reward of two martyrs, because the very thing that the Jews did to the prophets was done to him.”

Like when they said:

“The Jews are the most despicable and contemptible nation to crawl upon the face of the Earth, because they have displayed hostility to Allah.”

Like when they said:

“Allah will kill the Jews in the hell of the world to come, just like they killed the believers in the hell of this world.”

Like when they said:

“The Jews kill anyone who believes in Allah. They do not want to see any peace whatsoever on Earth.”

Just my imagination. And that is the tip of the iceberg.

And the explanation given for their charter – which they clearly recognize is a problem – is straight out of Alice in Wonderland:  they do not want to kill Jews. But they need to say that so as to attract members. There is no explanation of why a member attracted to an organization that says it wants to kill Jews, should suddenly change his attitude to Jews. Maybe I missed that…

If you want to read this entire piece of comic invention, you can find it, where else, but at the Guardian.

This publication is the act of a cowardly publisher. They give Hamas a free platform. Instead of a so-called opinion piece, why not an interview? Why not some proper questions to answer? Why not put to their comedy writer spokesman the evidence that nullifies 99% of his apologia? For that, the Guardian is to be condemned.

To add insult to injury, they promote this:

One of these people is an apologist spokesman for a terrorist organization. But the Guardian thinks it is appropriate to give them a free shot of propaganda.

One of these people is an apologist spokesman for a terrorist organization. But the Guardian thinks it is appropriate to give them a free shot of propaganda.

I wonder how Hadley Freeman, Maurice Saatchi, and Jessica Valentio felt about being selected contributors alongside Ahmed Yousef?

Five for Friday

It’s the weekend. I keep looking at that last sentence and not quite believing it. We’re here again? So soon? I enjoy the weekend, but life does seem to be zipping past faster than ever before. There does not seem to be any way to stop that. If it is a quiet week at work, or a busy week at work, the weekend still arrives in double quick time. It’s a puzzle, a curse, and a blessing all wrapped up in one. So, while I ponder on the combination, I leave you the following links, humbly suggesting you have a look.

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