Stalkers – Paul Finch

This is a modern crime novel about a large number of women who have disappeared. All of them have vanished into thin air without apparent rhyme nor reason. One such girl’s sister connects to Detective Sergeant Mark Heckenburg, who is supposedly investigating the disappearances, and off they not so jolly well go.

Inevitably, their investigation puts them in danger, especially as they get closer to the truth of what is behind the disappearances.

Heckenburg is one of these invincible guys, but if you can suspend your disbelief about that aspect, the rest of the tale does have its entertaining and suspenseful moments. The book is also somewhat bloody and, at times, relentless in its violence. Unfortunately, the supporting characters do not amount to much, and there’s nothing of substance by way of atmospheric backdrop.

The writing didn’t work for me. It didn’t connect. Oh, the words all made sense, and the story was clear enough. But the writing never drew me in. I could have stopped reading and would not have cared what happened to the characters.

So, what you have is a lightweight production which is easy enough to read, but ultimately (for me) unsatisfying. It was OK, but I won’t be going any further with the series.