Our Little Secret – Roz Nay

This is a short novel about Angela, under interrogation as a suspect in the disappearance of her ex’s wife. Detective Novak would like a straight answer, but Angela is more interested in telling the story of her life, and how – from her viewpoint – she ended up in police custody, accused of murder.

Definitely falling into the psychological thriller category, the story is told with an ever increasing tension as we wonder whether Angela is a vicious killer or an innocent caught in a bungled investigation. Through it all, Angela and Novak play a bit of cat and mouse, the conversation often taking on a surreal quality as answers are spun into stores within stories that may or may not bring clarity to the situation.

In this type of book, the twist at the end has got to be worthy of the effort. While there is a lot of tension, there’s not much action, and you may feel like screaming ‘Hurry up and get on with it!’ When I got to the end I was underwhelmed. The writing had kept me (mostly) engaged, but the ending was weaker than I would have liked. So, for me, this one is to be filed under interesting failure.