The Red: First Light – Linda Nagata

Military sci-fi with a twist. In the near future, USA soldiers are out on patrol in Africa. Apparently the defense industry has manufactured this conflict – it is not explained how – and Lieutenant James Shelley and his high-tech soldiers are on the hunt for insurgents.

Shelley is not only a good soldier and leader, but he also has this uncanny knack for knowing when things are about to go wrong. Is it a sixth sense, luck, or something else? That last part is the twist, with suggestions that there is another major power working behind the scenes. But you do not get to look behind the veil in this first novel of a trilogy.

What you get here is a large dose of high adrenaline action with some corporate corruption background, and some paper thin and somewhat naive politicking making an appearance. The main character is OK, but there’s nowt else to supplement that, and at the end I was not sufficiently interested in the story line to think about buying the next book in the series.