The Way of Kings (Part One) – Brandon Sanderson

Highly regarded sword and sorcery fantasy novel, this left me cold, cold, cold.

The book runs several narrative threads, with a diverse range of characters each apparently on their own plot line.

There’s a lot of invention, but that hopeful indication is let down by one dimensional characters – ie good or bad – and page after page after page of nothingness delivered by way of overwritten, under-edited prose. Sanderson can write, but not always to the required level of quality. And the lack of action dropped the pace so much i nearly fell asleep reading it. The plot is OK, but while it doubtless took some work to construct, it neither drew me in, nor convinced me of its plausibility. Partly that was because the characters also failed to entice me.

In summary, this was like watching an animated cartoon that had been slowed down so much, you wondered if you were ever going to be able to see any action. Nice colors, though.

Overall, this gets a “D” for disappointing.