A Feast of Spenser

So, here are books seven to thirteen to in the Spenser series by Robert B Parker which I recently finished reading.

For reviews of the first six, see:

  1. The Godwulf Manuscript
  2. God Save the Child
  3. Mortal Stakes
  4. Promised Land
  5. The Judas Goat
  6. Looking for Rachel Wallace

No 7: Spenser is hired by a mother to get her son back from the father who has kidnapped him. The situation is more complex than it appears, and Spenser is once again putting himself in the firing line. Good.

No 8: Spenser is hired to protect reporter Candy Sloan who is in danger, after stirring up a hornet’s nest while investigation corruption in Hollywood. She’s prepared for the worst to get the story, but Spenser is trying to prevent that happening. Good, tending towards excellent.

No 9: Our hero sets off to find a missing school girl. The trail leads him in to the midst of Boston’s red-light district, and a variety of brothels and sex for sale environments. Troubling because of the ring of authenticity. Excellent.

No 10: Spenser is working for a senatorial candidate whose wife is the perfect support for his electoral ambitions. Or is she? Finely observed humanity portrayed at its worst and best. Excellent.

No 11: Spenser becomes involved with investigation of a religious cult after the members kidnap a dancer. Inevitably, trouble is on the agenda, as Spenser seeks to put things right in his continuing crusade against the bad guys. Good.

No 12: Weakest of the bunch because it features some Baldacci type suspension of disbelief – involving his girlfriend Susan Silverman and the heir to an arms dealer’s business – that just seems ridiculous. Oh, and did I mention the CIA? Passable.

No 13: Once more, Spenser is back in the murky world of sex for sale. And again, the story has that authentic feeling that makes it as much a troubling tale, as it is a fine crime novel. Very good.