The Fix – David Baldacci

This is the third in the series featuring Amos Decker, the man whose football injury changed his character, and gave him perfect recall. This time around he has to use his skills and investigative talents to solve the mystery of why Walter Dabney, a family man with an impeccable background, apparently commited a heinous crime and then suicide.

Of the three, this is the weakest. The plot is up to scratch. However, at some points of the narrative I felt there were absences – of empathy and interest – that somewhat reduced the tension. The action was not as intense as in the previous books, and the dialogue more extensive, presumably intended to develop the character. Unfortunately, it was boring in places before getting back on track.

Decker remains a fascinating character and so the combination of him and a truly puzzling plot made it, overall, a good read. But I may wait for reviews of the next one before buying it.