Ninefox Gambit – Yoon H Lee

Weird space opera that very cleverly manages to meld calendars, mathematics, and war into a coherent story about the struggle for power in a faction ridden universe.

The lead character is Captain Kel Cheris, a soldier out of favor for not following the stereotypical orders mandated by the Hexarchate. With seemingly nowhere to go, somehow she is one of several candidates asked to pitch their ideas for liberating the Fortress of Scattered Needles that has been taken over by (calendrical) heretics.

With nothing to lose, Cheris suggests an almost heretical approach herself involving Shuos Jedao. The latter is dead, but available. (I did say weird, didn’t I?)

And into battle they go.

On the whole, I enjoyed this. It’s very different, and fairly sizzles as it goes. But the story didn’t grab me the way others have done, and the pictures the text painted in my imagination were confused and incomplete. No doubt my shortcoming rather than the writer’s

If you want to try some science fiction that is different, this is a good option.