Books Read – November

[Note: there seems to be a bug in WordPress, because there are only five books reviewed.]

OK, so this is a cheat. But it does allow me to at last get up to date in blogging about the (fiction) books I have read. Both this month and last had some fine reading. Have a look…

Ambitious fantasy adventure that doesn’t quite hit the heights of Parker’s previous work, but is still damn fine. Plenty of loose ends waiting to be tied up. (Note that it is Volume One.)

Gritty, realistic, and enthralling. Northern Ireland policing in the time of the Troubles, artfully told. Highly recommended, but start the series at the beginning. (This is number 3 of 6.)

Not bad Nordic noir that does not quite live up to the top of the line billing. The central scare – a killer who films his victims and streams the video to the police as he is about to murder them – is the frame upon which some other events are built to give a somewhat patchwork feel to the plot. The final reveal is a bit better than the lead up.

This is a lot like A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet (see Books Read – October) in that it is space opera mostly set on a single starship. Here, however, there is much more action. It does share the apparently obligatory sex required in a modern space opera, and a mix of aliens and altered humans. Unfortunately, none of the characters hooked me well enough to interest me in the follow on books. Your mileage may vary.

As with number 3 in the series, this is a fine piece of writing about Northern Ireland policing in the time of the Troubles.  (This is number 4 of 6. )