The Wise Man’s Fear – Patrick Rothfuss

The second of an unfinished fantasy trilogy, this book continues the biographical narrative by Kvothe, as he tells the story of his life to a scribe. Around this island of history, we get hints of a world on fire, with death and destruction circling in the background and perhaps getting closer with every chapter in the telling.

The quality of the writing also continues the same high standard on show in the first book, and it is an immensely enthralling tale in the main. I would exclude from that one extended sexual encounter which simply did not work for me. Or, it didn’t work because it went on for too long and bored me. That apart, there were plenty of surprises, some loose ends tantalizingly dangled in front of us to – no doubt – give some meaty hooks for the next book to connect to.

It’s not the absolute best of the genre that I have read (as mentioned last time) but I’ll be getting the next book whenever it finally appears.

If you like fantasy fiction, this is a pretty close thing to a sure bet.