Voyage of discovery

"There will be trouble ahead..."

“There will be trouble ahead…”

This week’s session was devoted to the single meaty monster of a game that is Amerigo.  It’s a discovery themed game, with a neat action mechanism involving wooden cubes and a cardboard tower, and an action wheel. Players compete to best settle the new land and exploit its resources.

This is serious, hardcore gaming, not for the fainthearted, and not for those lacking in stamina, grit, or fortitude. Despite that (Ha!) Azriel, Peleg, and Sheer joined me, and took part in a memorable gaming experience.

First, Azriel is a gaming great who misleads his opponents by asking questions about stuff that has already been explained. And while his competitors are subconsciously ignoring him as a threat, he is consciously building a winning combination, and a chunk of victory points. His play was stupendous – in the amazingly good sense – and he took the other three of us to the cleaners. He raced ahead, lapped us all on the scoring board, and smiled sweetly throughout.

What was particularly stunning about this was that this was Azriel’s first ever play of the game. In something of this complexity, most people take at least a few game turns, if not a complete game, to understand what is going on. I did try and help Azriel with some of his early decisions, but would probably have been better giving myself some decent advice. Anyway, for a first time play, Azriel was making a mockery of the game’s tough reputation.

At this point, Peleg and I were reduced to spectators. But Sheer, who should never be discounted, refused to give up. And his pondering, slow decision making resulted in an astounding collection of victory points that brought him right up to the same as Azriel’s momentous score. According to the game rules, Sheer was the winner. According to the players, Azriel was the winner. Both played well, and despite the late hour, the fatigue, the dehydration, and the hunger – I mean, they ate almost none of the biscuits! – everybody had a good time.

If you are a serious gamer, and want a top end challenge, I thoroughly recommend Amerigo. All I can say, is thank Heaven we don’t do that every week.