Career of Evil – Robert Galbraith

Private detective Cormoran Strike’s assistant, Robin Ellacott, takes a delivery of a package addressed to her. It’s a woman’s severed leg. With wondrous powers of deduction, Strike identifies four potential candidates who may have perpetrated the dastardly deed. (Ahem.) The police focus on one of the four, but Strike is unconvinced. This is the start of a race against time, with Strike’s foe closing in for a final deadly encounter, with Robin very much involved as both joint target and part of Strike’s defense team.

First, this was an impulse purchase. I read the blurb, and went for it. These people who wrote the promotional quotes must have read a different book.

Second, the story’s interesting enough, and the plot twists are OK. But it’s not what I would call top notch. I thought the writing was patchy in places, where the author seemed to have been uncertain as to how to tell the reader what is happening.

Third, this is J K Rowling (of Harry Potter fame) in disguise. Disappointing. I have not read any others by Rowling, and can only hope that the mass hysteria over the Potter books is actually deserved.

The characters are interesting, again in patches, with Rowling trying to deliver insights into personal and work relationships that don’t quite convince. The plot is not the page turner that is suggested, though again it is passable.

I will be restraining my impulse purchases for a wee while.