Back to School!


In keeping with the way Israeli society and culture treats children, the start of the new school year is a big deal. Not only has it featured as the topic of numerous media pieces in the run up to the actual day – including the inevitable political coverage of Naftali Bennett’s plans as published by the Ministry of Education – but it has also been marked by the usual social media commentary of relieved parents, glad to see their offspring out from under their feet back in full time education.

As usual, the academic year starts on 1st September, so today is when the traffic returns to its higher level of cramped chaos.

On the plus side, as you can see from the icon at the top, Google Israel is marking the occasion. If Google had been around when I was returning for a new school year, to be realistic the graphic would have had to include a tie, a slide rule, a book of log tables, a football, a packed lunch, a bag of tomato flavored crisps, and a switchblade. No, the knife wasn’t mine, but I saw enough being carried by my contemporaries.

Anyway, all the best to the kids going to school here, especially first timers. Here’s hoping they all have a great experience. Good luck everyone!

[A post about my school experiences in more detail, the importance of teachers, their lowly pay here, and the woes of the educational system in much of the western world, will have to wait for another time.]