Back to Skye


First, an apology. In the last session report (here) I forgot to mention that we played The Walking Dead Card Game, and Peleg was the winner. He is handy with zombies is Peleg! There are people who say the game is all luck, but not me. I say it is a game of great skill, with a mix of psychology as you try and work out what the other players are likely to do, mixed in with some card counting, and fine judgement. It’s a really simple, but engrossing game. In my opinion.

So, this week I was joined by Azriel, Joseph, Nechamiah, Peleg, Roslynn, and Sheer.

We started with old favorite 7 Wonders, with everyone playing it, some for the first time. This game has a completely different feel when it is a seven player encounter, from when it is four or five. I sort of worked out what was necessary to keep in contention, but Sheer, Roslynn, and Joseph were doing better than me. However, in what is becoming something of a habit, first time player Azriel was the winner. He managed this despite that close competition, and occasionally pretending he wasn’t doing well. He did brilliantly. Well done Azriel!

Then we split into a five player session of Isle of Skye, which Sheer ran very successfully. So successfully that he won! Well done Sheer. That game continued to be well received, and it may well get some more exposure.

At the same time, Peleg and I had a win apiece at 7 Wonders: Duel.

Finally, after Peleg retired early, the remaining six played The Walking Dead Card Game. You know, that highly skillful game.. Funnily enough, I won that…

Another good night. Thanks to my guests for making it such fun.