On our way to Timbuktu


After a gap because of my UK trip, we finally had a home game session, with Azriel, Peleg, Roslynn, and Sheer joining me.

Peleg was first and so we did a quick two player game of Hey that’s my fish. Then Azriel and Roslynn arrived and we did a four player game of it.

Finally Sheer turned up, and we moved on to the main event of the night: Timbuktu.  I was the only one who had played it before, so first up was the rules explanation.

In this game, you start with a number of camels loaded with goods. Each round – one per player – thieves steal some of the goods. Each player knows where one of the thieves will strike, and during the round gets to know where two more will be. Also, all players know the potential combinations of where the thieves will be. So, you have to move your camels – with imperfect knowledge – and hope to get to the end of the rout with the most valuable cargo. Your moves are limited, but you can expand your Each good (there are five types) is worth as many points as lost and stolen goods of that type.

Roslynn seemed to get things sorted out the best, and right up until the last round was well ahead. Unfortunately for her, the last round went wrong, and Peleg turned out to be the winner. Tough luck on Roslynn, but well played Peleg. Azriel and I were well behind, and Sheer was neck and neck with Roslynn.

We finished with R-Eco, and Azriel pretty well cleaned our clocks.

Thanks to all who came for contributing to another fine night of gaming entertainment.