Headline of the week

From the Jerusalem Post:

Haredim riot over arrest of pub-going, draft-dodging yeshiva student

The back story, as to how the yeshiva student was arrested, is even more amusing.

The violent demonstrations started on Thursday after a haredi yeshiva student from Elad was arrested in Eilat.

The student and three of his friends had been visiting the Crazy Elephant night club and then hailed a cab to take them to the main promenade where they wanted to find a pub.

According to the police, the group of four yeshiva students underpaid for their cab ride by NIS 5 and the cab driver, who was unhappy with their behavior, reported them to the police.

The police were able to identify and locate the youths, and upon detaining them discovered that one of them had not reported to the IDF for the preliminary drafting process.

According to the police report, none of the yeshiva students was wearing any religious items such as yarmulkes or tzitzit; they were dressed like secular young men on a night out.

In an interview with news website Haredim 10, the cab driver explained that it was the rude behavior of the four young men, which included them throwing an NIS 20 bill at him, which led him to make the complaint to the police.

Ha! It rather looks like Divine Justice to me. If the silly buggers hadn’t misbehaved, none of this would have happened. Perhaps the haredim might stop to ponder on that.