The train version of Dominion


This week, Peleg, Roy, and Sheer joined me for some gaming fun.

First up was Trains, a deck-building game that takes some of the familiar elements from Dominion, and applies a railway theme to it. All the cards are tied in to the theme, and the icing on the cake is that part of your potential for victory points is achieved by laying rail tracks on a map. We found it fast, fun, and a pleasant change from just building up our decks.


The physical production standards are excellent. The graphics are clear and easy, though we did use a play mat (with a summary of build costs and icon meanings) that I downloaded from BoardGameGeek. It made a big difference, and should have been included.

Sheer and Peleg were better at understanding how the whole thing fitted together, with Roy and I relegated to the ranks of spectators (or should that be passengers?) as they fought for the win. Sheer just nicked it by a couple of points from Peleg.

Next up, the other three of us introduced Roy to San Juan. As he had played Puerto Rico, it was no time at all before he was up and running. My starting hand was a good one, and that set me up for a nice boost that I managed to keep reasonably on course. I knew I was doing well, but Sheer and I had to share the win after a couple of topsy turvy rounds.

Another great night of gaming.