Five for Friday

Fisherman on the wharf at Tel Aviv marina - January 2010

Fisherman on the wharf at Tel Aviv Marina – January 2010

This was a broken week at work – broken up by the firm’s R & D (Research and Development) Day, held at the Convention Center in Tel Aviv, across the road from the university railway station. The day is an opportunity for everyone to spend time out of the office, network, learn what the other parts of the business are up to, listen to some management briefings, and be entertained and inspired.

The inspirational speaker was Roei Sadan, who fell off a mountain in India in 2015, suffered serious injuries, and was in a coma for two months. His focus was on looking forward, and the different perspectives you could have about any journey in life.

The entertainment included Lior Suchar, a mentalist who reads minds. (Or so he says.) Also, there was some musical content played live by Avi Singolda.

The feelings of the workforce about the R & D Day are interesting, and cover a range of responses. I’m keeping mum.

Meantime, it’s the weekend, and time to forget about work, and recharge the batteries. Now if I could only find the damn batteries…

While I look, here are the regular offering of links for you:

Shabbat Shalom!