It’s raining, men

I wish to report the first serious rain of the year in Ra’anana. Last night, while we were gathering for our bike ride, a small shower of rain fell. In the distance, thunder. But after we started the trip, the rain died away and we were not troubled again.

Overnight, there was a more serious rainfall. The ground was actually wet this morning. (The roads were greasy, and therefore more dangerous. The drivers did what they always do in such a ┬ásituation – ignored the danger.) There are some chunky rain clouds hovering around, threatening to unload. And the temperature has dropped to 24 degrees. (I see it’s 6 degrees in Glasgow and 17 degrees in Melbourne.) Although next weekend the temperature is forecast to climb back to 30 degrees, for now Israelis are able to complain that winter is here. Or, to put it another way, it’s raining…