Beating the rush with Super Sarah

This post is by way of public apology. Every year, Susan and I like to do our own Rosh Hashanah card; something with a touch of humor, if possible. This year’s card – where we explained our strategy for beating the Rosh Hashanah rush – featured a lovely photograph of the family. Unfortunately, I forgot to credit the photographer. Oh dear. O me miserum. Oh bloody hell. Oh no. Oh yes. Oh please accept this apology. So, the credit should have gone to our sister-in-law Sarah. THANK YOU SARAH!

If you see Sarah, tell her what a good picture it was. Please?

The Nobel prize winning world world we live in

An Israeli scientist, Daniel Shechtman, has won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for “the discovery of quasicrystals“.

The BBC web site had this, as a summary, on its front page at lunchtime today:

“The nobel prize for chemistry has gone to a single researcher for his discovery of the structure of quasicrystals.”

I found out from the Ynet website that he was Israeli. Hmmm. I thought the BBC summary was a little strange. If he had been any other nationality, how would he have been treated? Well, later on this evening, the BBC website had a different text:

“The nobel prize for chemistry goes to an Israeli researcher for his discovery of the structure of quasicrystals, a form which sceptics said was impossible.”

Conclusion? The BBC were obviously thinking: “We weren’t sure if it was ok to use “Israeli” on our front page. We thought about it. We decided it was ok, so long as we added the controversy. After all, you can’t give these Jews Zionists any untainted credit.

In a word: disgusting. The BBC’s reputation is not getting any better.